Monday, January 3, 2011

Seven days back into the “real world”

So here I am, a week back into what many people would consider a good life. Were there any revelations or life changing moments to reflect on? For many who know me I doubt if you will notice any outward change although that doesn’t mean things didn’t stick with me. I think the direction in which I’m headed (both Sandy and I) is at least a little clearer. The hopes that our entire future be set in stone and that path followed…well let’s just say that we plan – God laughs. Right now I’m just content with being able to see a step or two in front of me; anything more than that – well that is where my faith begins and my planning stage ends.

One story I wanted to share about this trip…we almost didn’t make it to India. We had some bad luck with weather in London – ours was THE last flight out for 5 days due to weather. Then in Delhi, the British Airways folks lost and rebooked our flight several times over the course of 3 hours while we struggled to get them to release and rebook our confirmed seats – it really was a dark comedy. One agent would send the info to another agent 100 yards away, then by the time we get over to that agent…they would lose the information. Anyways, with the deadline approaching for boarding and our team without confirmed seats, a call for a team prayer comes up. Literally, within 10 minutes of that short prayer -  we finally had seats, boarding passes and piece of mind. You can never not offer up to God even the littlest issues…

Here were some photo’s from Christmas eve, a lovely 93F day we got to swim in the Bay of Bengal. A nice relaxing day with the team. 100_5602 


100B5621 100_5605


Goodbye India – hello life!

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