Monday, November 22, 2010

And let the stress begin...

It's funny how two people look at the same situation and one thinks of all the fun ahead and the other, well that is what this is all about. First I want to start off and say that I love my wife and all the kidding around that I do with her both in public and private is one of my ways of showing her I care...that doesn't do much when you are on the receiving end of some Karcher humor which can at times be relentless albeit in good nature fun. In the end, it just goes to show what a trooper she is given we have been together for over 30 years. Well honey I guess the cat is out of the bag, you can no longer say you're 29...

Back to the stress...most folks look at vacation as a break from the daily grind; a time to refresh both the mind and soul from the headaches we call work. It doesn't matter if you flip hamburgers or perform brain surgery, EVERYONE needs a break and looks forward to that time away. I think that there should be a scheduled time off called "pre-vacation" so that the chaotic headaches that you put yourself through just to make up for the time you are going to miss while you are gone..melt away, just before you leave for your break so you can actually enjoy your time off.
Although we haven't taken many "vacations" in the past, this trip to India is leading up to be a big one.

If you know of any A-type personalities you can imagine the detailed lists that they make in their daily lives - to do lists for everything from groceries to timetables to getting out birthday cards. Everything is well documented on a little handwritten daily planner that is sitting beside my computer. Well, I'm married to an A-type personality and you would "think" that planning for a trip would be a piece of cake; for the most part, that is entirely true. Passport photos - check, immunizations - check, getting the mail stopped - check, packing for trip - Hold On There...You mean I have to "pack" for this trip? I think you might see the problem here... It doesn't matter if it's an overnight retreat to a weekend getaway. I searched about this and believe the "technical" term for this is
sarcinaphobia but don't quote me on that, I haven't found a support group yet for fear of packing.

It could be a male\female thing with packing. Most guys I know could throw a few shirts and socks into a paperbag and say they were ready for a week long trip. Forget your have pants right? Ok, that was too much information right? When I think about packing I focus on the fun we are going to have and not if my socks match. Now I can fully appreciate the different "needs" of sexes when packing and can empathize with the hardships women face in all the things they utilize on a daily basis. You have just got to chuckle when you see a woman who has it so together in all other aspects of her life - stress when it comes to packing! Now don't get me wrong, she has lists of things she needs to pack and take along and knows what to do. She even borrowed 3 extra suitcases in the event one may fit better...but the task of getting it done - PLEASE!!! What if??? I think you get the picture...

Relax honey, I'm sure the girls will share some clothes with you...Love your paperbag carrying husband. :)

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