Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Ok, so after watching the video you are probably saying to yourself..."He hates Christmas, or Scrooge..." It's not that I dislike Christmas, but rather what it has become. You can turn on the television at any hour of the day at this time of year and be bombarded with ads for savings on items; Black Friday - Cyber Monday...you get the picture. I saw stores with Christmas decorations up before the halloween costumes were even down. Where does it all end? I can empathize with stores needing to have good sales to make salaries for people and employ more folks. I get, that people are out of jobs and need a strong economy to feel that things are starting to go right for them.

The problem I have as the video so aptly depicts is that we become
dependent on those "things" as a substitution for the real things in life....God; along with family. Do I really need a camo snuggie or a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant? (which is Jose' Peppers for those who may be buying...) I don't know, call me crazy but I would much rather have the gift of spending some quality time with the people in my life doing something together than a gift paid for. I may complain about it, but take the time to talk with me; ask me REAL questions and give REAL answers. Don't tell me everything is "fine" if you're worried about something. Building relationships takes time and can be an imperfect process...we all have baggage and we as american's want it fast and easy. Time is such a precious commodity...we all only have those 1440 minutes per day; I don't want to spend my time wandering through the wrappings to get to the real things in life we are all looking for.

25 days and counting... :)

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