Thursday, January 19, 2012

The calm before the VERY good storm..

The trip over on American Airlines was uneventful and for that I'm grateful. We met up with the other members of our group for a quick bite in Chicago and then parted ways again as their trip involved stops in Frankfort and ours was a direct flight to Dehli. I have to say that 14 hours on a plane is not your ideal way to spend a day; but the end of the journey at New Life will be worth it for sure!

After arrival in Chennai, after a brief stop in Dehli we waited for luggage (with no surprises) and then grabbed a quick cab to the Marriott. Normally this would be a 25 minute trip, especially at 1125PM local Indian time; but road construction to update a light rail system took our 4 lane road down to 2 lanes and an hour later we arrived. We got rooms to clean up and rest as our last flight, to get TO the kids, leaves at noon today. - Remember we are 11:30 minutes ahead of central standard time. Our biological clocks right now are playing a bit of havoc on us. The clock shows 5:10am and I should!

I will try to do as many posts as we can, the internet service at the orphanage isn't blazing speed like we are accustomed to in the USA...not much is but life there is still good because all the important elements are present.  

A quick shout out to the kids and mentors at the Urban Scholastic Center. Both Sandy and I have missed seeing you all and look forward to that again in a few weeks! Thanks for all the prayers for safe travels, we have felt protected during our journey so far.

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