Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trichy well and school dedications

So we took a few short plane trips to Tiruchipallalli to complete 10 well dedications. These are bit different than the well visits in the AP state in India for the reason of the higher Hindi population. The people are just as impoverished but again the beauty of the Indian people is amazing. Up north the ceremony seemed more about the wells but in the south, WE became more about the ceremony and the wells were secondary.

As you approach the village you are greeted by the usual village elders, but then a "process" of celebration begins when they burn inscense in front of you and then lavish oils on your forehead. After this, you have a honorary shawl placed over your shoulders as a sign of respect. Then, and only then do the wells become ready to be dedicated and blessed as they are in the north. Here are a few photo's of the events as they happen.

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The ladies are set to spread the oils on our foreheads here and then get us set up for the shawls to be placed over our backs.

This is the village elder doing the final blessing on Sandy and placing the shawl over her before we begin the process of the well dedication for them. The water seemed secondary to us as their blessings were quite important for this event.
After this, the same festivities surrounding the wells seemed the same as up north. The kids and village people are always excited to get fresh water to drink from. Ornate decorations are seen and dancing around the wells is common.

In the end, the water flows and the people have improved their lives, at least a little from our efforts. At each well we "test" some of the water and it is good.

Goodbyes are said, and we move on the next village to begin the whole event over again. It's nice to think that you have a small part in helping someone even if you will never see them again. Lives are changed through these celebrations, and not just the Indians...

It was really exciting to have the opportunity to photograph this with a good camera I had borrowed. You get to be a part of some intimate moments that a small point and shoot camera just don't allow you to capture. I found peace in moments that were at a distance, yet captured forever in my mind and on this digital media.
This was a long but really fulfilling day for me and the team, I was really glad to be a part of it and hope that this shows a bit of what you can see if you take the time to look.

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  1. Chris, incredible work; you and the rest of the WFC team will have a massive positive impact on this country in need. Having just returned from my first trip to India on business, it is clearly evident they need the basics such as water, food and shelter we all so take for granted. Gold bless you and the entire work of the team for work that i am sure is not for the faint of heart!!! Welcome home!