Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music - the tone that touches the soul as well as the ear.

So many things can be said about music and what constitutes music; it can help mend a broken heart at the loss of a loved one or tie two hearts together as they dance to "their" song for the first time. A babies first words are said to music to ones ears. Music is an integral part of our lives and as we age, sometimes our tastes change. I can still remember my dad telling me to turn that "music" down as I listened to my favorite hits growing up...something I do myself now to my own kids. Funny how some things DON'T change!

Growing up in the Catholic world I never would have thought to listen to "church" music. There were few songs that could have caught my attention or kept it enough to WANT to listen to more ( Ava Maria is the exception). No, my attention was more to what sounded good in my mind. It didn't occur to me that the content of the song could influence me, I was regular church going person. What difference would it make what music I listened to? Now this isn't a condemnation on music or a righteous ploy to persuade anyone; but rather a few steps in my life that have changed my outlook. Funny how my central themes seem to be on change... 

Anyway, a few years ago in 2007 when we decided to switch churches I came across a radio station that was just starting up in our area that played "contemporary christian" music. This was an obvious detour from the music I had listen to previously. I had, and still do have an eclectic I-pod play list but this was something I wanted to add to my list. The lyrics and melodies are ones now very familiar in church at a time when I had been struggling. This song was the first I had heard on that radio station that day and it really made sense to me when all else really didn't. I started listening to this type of music regularly and it did have a positive influence on my life. Questions that I had and still do, have begun to be answered. I still struggle and deal with all many things common to all of us; but the music I listen to now seems to do more to impact my life than to just make background noise.

I'm thankful for my family...that they tolerated me when I must have been very difficult to live with. I hope the person I'm becoming is more of what they deserve instead of what they had gotten.

Enjoy the music video, it will set up some topics for more in the future. There are a lot of great christian artists out there, give a listen to some and see what happens.

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