Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Odds and ends and a day to disconnect before departure

We had planned on leaving on Tuesday to fly even further south to Trichirupally to do some more well and building dedications with the Wells for Life. So Monday evening was the last night with the New Life kids and it was going to be hard. It's nice that the children have been so relaxed with us this trip. So quickly after the first initial "What's my name?" things got down to actual conversations and talks with them. One girl got so comfortable with me that while sitting on my lap talking to me, she was looking at the side of my head and had this really strange look on her face. All of a sudden she licks her finger and sticks it in my ear, digging around until she comes out with something and says "No good.". It was like she was primping me...what do you say to that except smile and thank you?!
Here are a few random photo's of the last day at New Life, this is both our sponsor kids; Venkatesh and our newest, Saipriya. He is in 6th class and she is in 8th class. Both were very happy to spend time with their "foreigners" as they call us.
This one is the girls 1st class coming back from class and going to study hall. Notice the first girl with her hand on her mouth, all of them are supposed to be doing that to remind them to be quiet. I was a distraction with the camera and they wanted to get their photo taken.

 The kids desk, they carry all these books to and from their dorm rooms to the classroom each day. Each time I saw them, the thought of the seven dwarfs going of to work...Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to school we go...!

Here is a list of the daily schedule, lots to do...(if you click the photo's they DO enlarge!)

This is taken from the now THIRD floor of the dorms that is now under construction. This seems to grow more each year. The first year it was only one floor with a second being built. Last Christmas we dedicated the student's new dorms rooms and now the third floor which will be two large rooms for where teams members will stay and also a worship center. Quite a nice view for to look out upon when praising God!

That's about  all for now, it's early and we need to pack so we can begin the long journey home. I will have a few more posts after we get back and then I'm pretty sure Sandy will put her two cents in. The kids here are doing well and learning a lot. It always refreshes the soul to come here and see life, just a bit simpler than back in the states. I hope some of you reading might get a glimpse and take the plunge to go overseas on something like this. It would be an experience you never forget...for both you and the people you visit.

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