Thursday, December 23, 2010

Building dedication

With the completion of the 2nd floor of the orphanage which will house 100 more students, it was time to put on your Sari and Punjambi and get the festivities going. The workers had finished their mad dash of paint and cleaning and all the decorations were up so the fireworks began. Huge claps of thunder from the explosions from bottle rockets and firecrackers – one thought of a nice independence day celebrations – announce to the world that blessings were about to begin.


You prepare yourself for the showers of marigolds that are streaming through the air as the prayers are said at each room and a ribbon cutting affair happens as each door. Blessings given to protect each student and to thank God for all He has provided. When the ribbon is cut, showers of  flower petals and cheers of joy. Photos wont do the event justice nor express the excitement that you feel, but here are a few…

100_5421  100_5489

100_5494 100_5481

One of the big surprises of the evening is that our presence here is honored by them very seriously; a plaque engraved with our names and all the American guests from our team now is displayed as a testament to this event. So what does this all mean? I think for me it’s knowing that this project here that I’m involved with…if you find something you have a passion for, and want to support financially do it even if you don’t see the fruits of efforts – know that the people who are here are appreciative of all that you do and pray for you and thank you for your support.

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  1. it is so awesome to hear about your trip and the joy that you are experiencing. I am so very happy for all of you and look forward to hearing about your trip in person and seeing all your pictures. I especially love your "family portrait" with your adopted child!