Sunday, December 19, 2010

A New day begins…


After the stress of the prior days travels the excitement of the trip begins, the kids are all lined up in their best school clothes and stand in line waiting for us with open hearts and flowers to bless our travels. We pass through the now completed gates past signs welcoming and blessing each families arrival; and step out to meet all the excited faces each blessed with the love that comes from the care provided by the staff and the knowledge that someone back in America cares for them too. It’s difficult to describe the overwhelming feelings you have as each child greets you with hugs and smiles, only asking you “What is my name?” or “One photo?” I am limiting my photo taking but the girls I’m sure are using the full capacity of their cameras…

The trinkets of beads and string mad a huge hit with both the girls and boys. The girls as you would expect took painstakingly amounts of time to make sure each bead was placed in the proper order. The boys however were not so detailed focused; their hands worked clumsily trying to copy the girls but the results…well let’s say it must be a gender thing and leave it at that. The boys seemed to have more fun with the Indian footballs (soccer balls) we had brought for them. My only disappointment so far has been that the damage you saw from my luggage, caused 1/2 of the thousands of beads I had packed, and one of the “footballs” to be either lost or damaged along the runway. This is an easy fix with the money we as Americans would take for granted…the end result of spending time here with these kids is priceless.


Sorry for the double posting, our internet connection is damaged here and my time is EXTEMELY limited by internet speed and availability; you will most likely see even more multiple posts. I’m sorry you can’t include the joy and love along with the blank words and pictures you see here, this really is a place that will change your lives. Thanks for all your prayers and for reading.

Chris – Sandy – Sara – Christie

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  1. I am having a hard time focusing on work. I wish I was there. Seeing the picture of the kids lined up waiting for you brings tears to my eyes.