Sunday, December 26, 2010

Travel day and long goodbyes…

The team had a 6:30am wake up -which for me was sleeping in - so that we could eat and pack since we arrived “home” after a long night at the Christmas Day celebration at the Light of Love home in Tuni. Even morning prayer time for the kids was delayed an hour because of the late night festival. A caustic realization hits you that today is your day to leave… How can this past week flown by so fast? Didn’t we just get here to cheers and greetings…I was just getting to remember the names and it’s time to go.

100_5327 After sitting the kids down and saying our  verbal goodbyes to them as a group, the process of actually looking into each of the eyes of these kids begin. Tears flow and hugs linger as you try to squeeze as much love into them as you can…or at least until the next team arrives. How does someone you may never see again tug so deeply at your heart? Well this is a short post as I’m waiting for my plane to board  and my battery life is short…

What comes next: well I think this is only the beginning of something but I sure hope you continue reading. There will be more guest posts and photos from the girls after we get back.

What am I looking forward to...a warm shower and maybe a juicy hamburger to start with. After that I'm not sure; you may see the same faces as we return but I don’t think that we are the same people that left for Christmas in India. You can’t come back from these trips and not be changed…the question is how well we use that change.

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