Saturday, December 4, 2010

Living a good life...or Life works best when we do.

A few years ago this was the thought that always ran through my head. I went to church...ok as a confessing Easter\Christmas catholic I admit my church going days were mostly behind me - I thought I had built up a stockpile of them in my younger days. Another misnomer was that I was leading a "good" life; giving to some charities, not cheating on my taxes or stealing or anything that most people would consider bad. So what is the big deal, why change what is working for you Chris? That is the million dollar question.The problem with thinking that I was "good" just because I didn't do "bad" stuff like criminals for example is walking along a slippery slope.

I guess there came a realization in my life that there just has to be something more than to just "being" good. I knew in my head that trying to earn my way into heaven was something that nobody ever trying to do good things... why? Again, another tough question and I'm positive that everyone at some point in their lives asks themselves these type of questions.

For me, it came a bit later in life. In my 20's I was excited about starting life - newly married. In my 30's it was building a financial foundation - preparing things for ME and MY financial future. In my 40's, as the kids were getting older I came to some revelations, at least for me, that what I was doing and preparing for, wasn't really working...and so the change began. For those who have known me for a long time I'm sure they thought it could have been a fad..something I was attracted to like a moth to a flame...but this is different. Things really have changed and I hope that what I'm experiencing in my life has had a positive influence on everyone I have and will meet. And the hope that if you might be feeling some of the same things I have described here that you take a good look inward...change can happen if you take a step towards it. If this old dog can learn a new trick...well anyone can!

One last thing, I just wanted to say thanks to those people in my life, the last 3-4 years have been pretty special and I'm glad you have been a part of this change. It's comforting to know that when a 2am crisis arises you would be there without question or condemnation.

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