Monday, December 13, 2010's not just something rattling around in your pocket.

There is a great old story about a young girl walking along the beach when she came upon a large number of starfish that had washed upon the shore. The girl starts frantically throwing the starfish back into the ocean one by one. The people on the beach tell the girl that she can't possibly save all of why attempt this sisyphean task? The girl gently replies, I'm making a difference in THIS ONE life...

Ok, so this is the second time I have written about some type of change; it IS important in your life! We are creatures of habit that need to learn and continue to learn things from a young age. What parent has ever had their toddler instinctively share a toy to a playmate? Usually the first words out of the child's mouth in such a situation is "MINE!!!" No, sharing with others is definitely a learned process as a child. The problem is that sometimes as adults, we sometimes regress back into those same type of feelings we had as toddlers, with our stuff. Mom's were right as we grew up, telling us that it's good to share. You may not remember it from back then, but there was always a good feeling you got when you gave to others who didn't have. Even when your best friend didn't have a GI Joe or skates to play with, you felt better when you lent him yours so that you could both play together.

So where is this headed...that is entirely up to you reading this? Are you going to be the people on the shore or the little girl? It's not MY place to judge so don't think this is condemnation. Change starts within yourself, and becomes something bigger than you alone, could ever claim precedence to. How is that for a Monday morning at 3:30am...I'm a little slow on the posting!

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