Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Celebrations I & II

 We were blessed to have had two events to attend during our trip; one at the New Life children’s home where we stayed and another at the Lights of Love home. Both were enjoyable and exciting but each had distinct differences that made the nights fun.

The first event took place on the 23rd a few hours after the building dedications which started off the festivities. The New Life campus is smaller but the enthusiasm in which the kids performed their dances was anything but. For days before the event, the music could be heard in the building as it echoed off the stone walls as the kids practiced for hours getting the dance steps JUST right.

100_5530  The single stage for the events provided us with 6 excellent song & dance numbers and an more intimate setting for the evening gala. Thankfully nobody from our team has photo’s of us all, as we all had to get up on stage and dance right along with the kids…the saying – white men can’t dance pops right into your mind when you think about our performances. The kids however laughed and clapped like it was something off a Broadway play.

The Lights of Love event was much larger and more elaborate since the number of kids and guest were significantly larger. Tribal dancers moved rhythmically across the campus to start off the evening of dancing.

102_2204  I was surrounded by beautiful women

everywhere.  102_2209  and had a great time sharing Christmas with all the kids. The Indian people really have a great time putting on an event for the holidays. I felt very welcome into different culture and would recommend it to anyone!


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