Thursday, December 23, 2010

The gift of life…

One of the projects that we got to see completed here were some well dedications for the villages done by Wells for Life. Many of the problems seen around the world related to illness is directly proportionate to the availability of fresh drinkable water. What many industrialized nations think of as unpotable is exactly what third world nations are forced to drink…and as a result become sick and\or die.

100_4758  This is an open well that one of the villages we visited was using to drink from. The water was oily and black and trash and other waste float and contaminate the well. These types of wells have been used for thousands of years but really are outdated in the standards of health issues they create in the 21st century.

Wells for Life goes into these villages with funds raised from the USA, and uses local people, supplies and labor; create safe water do drink for the village. Along with filling an immediate need for water they do share fellowship and the gospel with the Christians,   100_4718 encouraging them the love  of Jesus. Villages put on a quite a show to promote the blessing of the wells; decorating the streets with flowers and ribbons for the wells themselves. The big eclipse of the “event” comes with the cutting of the ribbon and priming of the well to provide the living water that flows. No longer are water borne illness’s the biggest threat to their daily lives…what that might be could be an upcoming note…Thanks for reading!


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