Monday, December 6, 2010

Time...the moments that make up a dull day.

Ok so some of you may recognize this title from the Pink Floyd album, I'm dating myself just by calling something an "album" since they haven't been produced and sold since the late 70's. Now everything is digital mp3's or downloaded music from iTunes. Anyway...before letting any more moments slip away; let's get back to topic.

Time is a funny thing today, we all have those same 24 hours in the day. We start each morning awaken from our sound sleep, to the flashing digital numbers on the alarm clock and so our day begins. Walk through just about any room in a modern american home and I'm sure you will find as I do in mine, a plethora of devices telling you that you are already running behind. My kitchen is well illuminated from the darkness by the green glow of digital time on our microwave, stove, coffee pot. And if those three things (often displaying different times themselves-who can synchronize them anyways) weren't enough we have an old school wall clock to let us know where we are. As I sit here typing away on my computer I watch the tiny numbers in the bottom right hand corner tick by telling me when I'm supposed to finish. My cell phone (and who can't have these strapped to your side 24/7) readily awaits the next call always telling me the correct time and even adjusting itself automatically for daylight savings time. Jump into your car to head off to work, your trusty stereo not only gives you the road conditions along with music to soothe the savage tells you you may not make it to work on time as you watch those darn digital numbers click away. Don't even get me started on the office...who doesn't have meetings and presentations to make...never enough time. Ah, but there is one time of the day that is nice...quitting time. Now there is a time that seems to drag - why does 5pm come so slow when 5am comes so fast.

So much for can be a stress if you become a slave to it. I look forward to my trip next week when the only way to tell time will be the rise and fall of the sun. No watches, no cell phones, no problem...well I might need my computer! Ten days and counting...I'm running a bit behind.

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