Sunday, December 19, 2010

The demons of dislocation

Well the first leg of the trip is over and things had gone really well; we met up with our California friends and got set for the international portion of the adventure.We had high hopes that things would continue this way…unfortunately that ended on the London connection. British Airways decided that they would hold off on boarding our international flight for 45 minutes due to some weather delays…ok; that still gives us an hour once we hit London to get to our flight. The big issues hit when we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes and the once we finally got inside after unloading a full 747 we had to shuttle 4 kids under 7 and 16 “adults” to get to the gate and we thought we made it there with 2 minutes to spare but were informed that we had not “cleared” the security and they wouldn’t hold our flight…Bummer! So after 2hours of standing in line to get another flight – along with the other 400 people who missed their connections – we got a flight to Dehli instead of Chennai.

This was the “good” side of my luggage when we hit the baggage claim. They had drug sniffing dogs and guards all over this mess of a travel carry on. Apparently this bag had dropped off the truck and was dragged the better part of a mile to the new plane we needed to catch. The funny thing is that British Airways doesn’t really consider this a real loss – only minor damage…something that should be taken care of immediately…we now need to be handle via the internet on my own once I get to my final destination.

Oh well, I told the girls that I wasn’t taking anything that I would mind loosing…the only problem is that I don’t know what is a total loss until I get to the orphanage as the zipper was melted shut and will need to use a knife to open it up! I hope the soccer balls and fun kids stuff isn’t ruined. If this is the worst that happens this trip will be more than fun! more later…still sitting at the airport after 24 hours.


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